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"Snake Must Be Drank" is an absurdist story of religious zeal in a cliffside farming town. When a revered flock of sheep visit the town, the townsfolk are drawn into pandemonium following the disturbing news, reported in the local paper by journalist Dave Tibbets, that the Sheep did not drink the ceremonial Snake Milk Stew offered upon their arrival. Their lives in upheaval, the townsfolk dump their lives work - and all of their milk - off of the cliff.

The story features a mixed-media performance of flat puppets, hand puppets and giant puppets set to accompanying narration. Furthermore, it features a fight scene between a giant snake, sheep, and the Moon set to John Cena's entrance theme song. (See above photo for reference).

"Snake Must Be Drank" premiered at the Detroit chapter National Puppet Slam in May of 2019 and featured performers Monty Etzcorn and Scott Crandall.

While the show was never properly recorded, the photos here give a glimpse at the process and aesthetic of the show. Additionally, please enjoy a small sample of the audio narration of "Snake Must be Drank" from the scene the townspeople began to go mad after the Sheep refused their Snake Milk Stew:

The End in Nigh (Snake Must be Drank Pt.3)Zach Kolo
00:00 / 00:58

Sheep puppets (cardboard, wood, paper mache clay, paint, aluminum foil) 

Townsfolk puppets (aluminum can, aluminum foil, tape, newspaper, paper mache clay, paint, cardbaord)

Snakes Must Be Drank Villager Puppets.jpg

Sketches of Dave Tibbets puppet

Dave Tibbets puppet sculpted with paper mache clay drying before paint was added

Sheep head under construction

Townsperson puppet  being sculpted with paper mache clay

An adaptation of "Snake Must be Drank"  was performed at the Trumbullplex, Detroit July 18 2019 as pictured above. It was titled "Twilight Showdown" and featured quintuplets who refused to go to sleep. Their parents had no choice but to employ various "sleep doctors" (such as the characters you see above) in a final attempt to get the kids to bed.

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