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Playdoh Presents: The Cave of Despacito” is a one-person variety puppet show reimagining Plato's Allegory of the Cave in a contemporary multiverse of comedic sketches. You can expect to inhabit a new reality where America is a Buffalo Wild Wings franchise, a post apocalyptic cult necromances a celebrity moose, you are attacked by a rabid email who is out for blood, and attend a Despacito-themed conference that makes you question our obsession with consuming media

promo photo cave of despacito 1.jpg

Above:  Performance at The Paw Paw Patch in Savannah, GA.
Below:  Vignettes of "The Cave of Despacito were performed at Blue Gene's Pub at the O'Neill Theatre's National Puppetry Conference 2022. The following photos from "Pub Nights" were taken by Richard Termine. All rights reserved.

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