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Squirmy Wormhole is a luscious space odyssey with surreal storytelling and imagery to facilitate your own process of mythical meaning making.

Across the course of our tale, a space researcher and the Blue Coyote wander the universe from planet to planet through a series of portals known as the 'squirmy wormholes'. They learn ecological and social lessons from trees and creatures on each planet as they search for a way home.

Written by Playdoh Kolo*
Puppets by Playdoh Kolo and Omer Gal

With Original Music by Omer Gal/Cookie Tongue

Narration by Mac Taylor

Viola and KORG by Julian Dooley

Upright Bass by Eli Goldman

Percussion by Nat Allister

Sound FXs by Smokie Brown

*inspired by lyrics by Omer Gal

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squirmy wormhole ghost cabaret.png
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