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"Leg Day" is a commedia dell'arte pupet show featuring classical Italian commedia characters with an absurdist twist.


Pantalone's birthday is coming up and his family wants to get him a new leg. (Yes, we know, its absurd). While his son Flavio goes to the Fish World to get him the finest leg, (we know, don't ask), Pa misinterprets the birthday surprise as a plot against his life. The servant, Zanni, is caught in the middle, not allowed to reveal the surprise, but needing to prevent disaster. Will this party end in horror or celebration? 

Premiered at the Flint Puppet Slam at Flint Repertory Theatre Feb 2020 hosted by Concrete Temple Theatre.


Written and Directed by Zach Kolo


Puppets by Zach Kolo


Performed by Zach Kolo, Monty Etzcorn, Kelly Thiede


Theme Music by Joel Miller

"LEG DAY" was inspired by studying the commedia dell'arte form of theatre. I attended a master class with Maestro Antonio Fava in February 2020 which greatly informed the creation of the puppets for "LEG DAY" as well as the story and comic form I applied.

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