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Adventures in Cardboard (AIC) is an immersive world-building and strategy game camp created by Julian McFaul. During a typical day at AiC, campers explore city parks through games, self-driven quests, and chance encounters with other characters.


Julian has taken the park maps and transformed the different areas into territories that bands of campers defend, mysterious ruins to explore, and castles where one might visit with the Queen. This land is called The Realm:

small BRYANT 2017.jpg

It has been my pleasure to work at AiC for many summer sessions crafting cardboard costumes, building 3-story castles and playing trail characters such as a traveling bard, monkey king, business person and spa owner.


My favorite role was to run a tavern where campers made potions, started their own comedy club, and exhibited local "Realm" art. To learn more about AIC visit their website!

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