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The Culdesac, Ep. 3: Bur Oaks and Baby Squirrels, with special guest Zach Kolodziej'

"I walk into this newly built slusser gallery...[Zach Kolo is] in a squirrel suit, running around and you have a bunch of people helping you and theyre trying to enroll people into squirrel university, which you can complete very quickly. But the allegory becomes very clear of this art school that is just churning out people, super attendance hungry...and the [embalmed] squirrel is leaking at the show under this freaking heater lamp..."

Vice News, Alex Da Corte's Neon Ghost House Is the Stuff of Dreams—And Nightmares

"I think in a lot of ways this show is indebted to that person [Zach Kolo] and those photos..."

The New York Times, Who Am I?

When we create a phone selfie, we are documenting our presence. Who is the man posing for? In ‘Mirror Selfie,’ the man, shirtless and slightly exposing his undergarments, emphasizes his masculinity. Producing his own image allows him more control over how he is seen.”

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