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"Not a Turd, Not Yet Philangis" takes place in a dystopian world where our turds are secretly tracked and harvested by a fascistic government to gather biodata on citizens. When one frazzled twenty-something hallucinates her turd coming to life, she finds herself taken on a Alice in Wonderland style trip down the rabbit hole of her own toilet. There she discovers a seedy underground organization is commandeering the turds destined for government labs and reforming them into dildos and sex toys to be distributed freely for the pleasure of all people.

"Not a Turd, Not Yet Philangis" is a toy theatre and paper cut-out puppet show created by Zach Kolo and Noor Ahmad. It was made during the 2020 Stay-At-Home Order with limited resources as a contribution to the LA Puppetry Guild's 48 Hour Puppet Film challenge. The entire show was made in 2-days including the puppets, script, filming, and editing. 

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